Wednesday, May 17, 2006

pretty day

it's been a long time since i've been out to the park to walk. it was even more obvious to my body, which tired out, was sore the next day, and i got a fat blister on the back of my heel! i'm glad i took my camera along, as having it gave me the perfect excuse to stop (rest) and enjoy my surroundings.

flowering trees

maidenhair fern

i don't know what kind of tree that is with the flowers, but i do know the fern is called the maidenhair fern. it's my favorite fern, and grows in one big patch in the park. i haven't seen it anywhere else around here growing naturally outside. its stem is smooth and brownish black, and spirals around with fine leaves.

i think this bark is from the loblolly pine, but i'm too lazy to look it up.

on my way back from the park, i stopped by work to visit and there was a prize there waiting for me! the ladies where i work always open my delivers. i often have books shipped to there from amazon. it's the kind of business where deliveries are common, so no one really reads the address labels and just cuts the package open. so, i know to never have anything personal shipped there! narnia! i was surprised how much i loved this movie when i first saw it. thanks mom!


tabouli ... ummm ummmm good! i started to make this last night for dinner, but of course had not read the recipe completely before beginning this. things had to cool down, and marinate, and chill ! so, it's for lunch today ... i will be making this again. it was so easy. i like easy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

full steam ahead!

i think crazy aunt purl has my number this month! ....

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)
Summer is the season of freckles, sand, sun and blazing hot romantic romps. Well, that’s what Cosmo says, anyway. I read the summer edition of Cosmopolitan magazine every summer, cover to cover, and I think to myself, “Who do they write this stuff for?” But then I was drawing up your stars for May...and June... and even July (!!!) and all those “Shocking Sexy Summer Stories” are about you! You’re a regular little love machine. When you walk, are you accompanied by the faint sound of “Foxy Lady” playing in the background? Do you find folks ready to fling off their clothes at a moment's notice? No? Not yet? Well, as we get through the first week of May, and through to the full-moon at mid-month, your House Of Super Studly heats up and you are like a one-girl pheromone pit this summer. All I can say is… woohoo! And if you haven’t discovered your power already, well, now you know. Care to share? Perhaps over lunch? And cake? Because that's where I'm off to! Bon apetit!

i like the sound of that!