Tuesday, October 10, 2006

oh. my. god.

i did it again .... i took the quiz, again ... almost a year later, and the internets are still convinced ....

I Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique woman like myself needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder I and London will get along so well.

so, pinky, when do we go flat hunting ?


i do, i do ! this was my first time cooking with kale, and it's love at first simmer ....

yet, another recipe from my williams sonoma's essentials of healthful cooking. i tell you what ... the pictures in this book are so nice that they'd certainly lure any devout vegetarian!

what was for dinner tonight? .... kale & potato soup.

i had shopped at whole foods for my ingredients ... but, their canned cannellini beans failed me (i popped open the can to find a mish-mash of overcooked fused mushy beans).
so, there was a slight delay in the process, as i rushed out the door to the local grocery to buy another can of beans.

but, i did find a couple of other goodies on the grocery shelves ...

and for the two disclaimers ....

chardonnay ... i don't like chardonnay with oak. this chardonnay is oakless ! all you taste is the grapes :)

mint tea ... i love hot tea ... especially tea that's bold enough to stand on its own ... with out the accroutements of milk or sugar. that's just me. i'm not a big fan of sugar, but i sure do love milk with something hot & spicey.

the first time i gave a certain someone some flowers, it was as a birthday gift. well, he took the flowers, and buried them in the woods somewhere. you figure out the meaning behind that ! sometimes, what goes around comes around, and it's not out of spite, revenge, or subversive planning ... it just is what it is. and now, for the first time ever, oh so many years later, i have flowers from this person, and i feel quite the urge to go bury them, and bury the past ....

my first blogiversay has come and passed here ... which i just realized this evening ... feel free to go back and catch up on my past year .... here's my first posting. i was a bit tipsy then .... i'm sure it had something to do with the flower giver.