Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

planning ahead

once AE begins, and 'til late winter, i don't expect to have much free time. i'm trying to plan ahead, and get some things done while i DO have the time.

i made shark pillowcases for the kids (and mom) when we went to the beach this summer, and thought a different theme would be nice for the holiday season.

i stopped by mary jo's on the way home last time, and found a few fabrics for the pillowcases.


candy canes


i used the same pattern as before. it's quick to sew, though the pattern does not take into account directional fabrics/nap. i know there's lots of tutorials online for doing your own pillowcase, but i'd rather spend $2 on a pattern and NOT have to think too much about it.

i plan on giving these to the kids at thanksgiving, so they can be enjoyed through the holiday season.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


fossil bird
i'm also a sucker for jewery by Fossil.


putting me in a Pandora store is kinda like opening the box of evils. so many pretty things! and so expensive! and it all fits into a TINY bag!

full bracelet

cz clip
first clip with cz's.

second clip
second clip, solely oxidized silver

retired posey charm
retired posey charm with brown cz.

plus, not photographed, christmas surprise for mom!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

soup is good food

soup soup soup

last sunday, i had a really great time in the kitchen making this soup. i hadn't cooked "for the fun of it" in awhile. i wanted to try something new, and found a nice recipe from one of my crockpot books.

sweet potato

the recipe calls for dicing or mincing all ingredients. i cut up the sweet potato probably smaller than i really needed to, but i wanted to make sure it cooked all the way through during the crockpot time.


and of course, who would had known that chopped up sweet potato would need a bowl BIGGER than the actual sweet potato?!

garbage bowl

and, i got to use my garbage bowl. i really love this thing. i know i could use other bowls, but i like this one. it goes with all my other vintage kitchenware, and it's very useful and a time saver.

no pictures of finished soup, but after it was finished cooking, i pureed it with my stick blender.

can't wait to make soup

i swear, these things are the best things ever!

the soup was/is delicious! i would make it again. it's quite filling and full of good stuff =)