Sunday, October 23, 2005

just another day ...

i was inspired to take some home photos, as i've been in my place now more than a month, and though i'm not entirely settled, it's feeling more like a home. first, let's take a peek inside ...

window peeping

this view is from my porch. i'm up on the second floor, so the upstairs porch is private, shared by my upstairs neighbor only. i never see her out there, but her side is leaf clean, and i noticed a new plant out there.


i took the (previous)photo from the closest window. see the icky furniture? it's not mine. i don't know who's it is, but it was here when i moved in. though not my style, i'm still glad it's here, because it's such a nice porch to sit out on when the weather is nice.

my place (feels like it) is still in shambles ... boxes galore! it's functional, and that's why the excess boxes are still here. but, it's getting old to navigate through here like an obstacle course. hence, the pictures don't show you the big picture.


no pretty bedskirt or drapes. i have a ton of allergies, so i'm trying really hard to eliminate things that collect dust, which includes the dust ruffle, curtains, rugs, clutter, etc .... instead, i'm sporting a lovely plastic boxspring cover! very institutionally fashionable! and, because i have a cold right now, you can barely see the vintage r2-d2 vaporizor on the bedside table. i used this kind of vaporizor as a child, so naturally wanted one as an adult. (thank goodness for ebay!)(and mom!)

this is a burning question that really has nothing to do with anything else here, but why don't they print the "nutritional" information on liquor bottles? is the answer in the question? i was just wondering ....

home, bombay

and lastly, how can i not leave you with a photo of my current loves ....

fish love

Friday, October 21, 2005

the wanderlust

i was surfing on some blogs today, and found this quiz ...

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.

A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

What City Do You Belong in? Take This Quiz :-)

yes, there are a lot of these type quizzes on the internet, but this one struck a chord.
but no, i can't. not now. not soon. i'm committed now to nesting. maybe i can create london here? i was in london once, years ago --- before i was curious about the things i would seek now. i spent my time in the tate and victora & albert, and on the upper floors of liberty visiting the fabric daily. (i never saw the 'royal palace'? or big ben, or any other london sites ... it was all about art.)
oh! i have cold, and i'm tired of breathing like an old man!

good news today ... while at work (yarn shop)(go figure) a woman came in with a few questions and a mission. helped her with her pattern and yarn, and she had an intersting accent. she metioned a romanian friend, and her birthday. i asked, "which month". she, "oh, december". me, "which day?", she, "the 24th".
REALLY?! me too :) she was tickled. she'll be 76 on her next birthday, and i will be a whopping 36. she was really cool.
she revealed the secrets of youth ... be a happy spinster, wash with camay (sp?) soap and moisturize with loreal. she also colored her hair reddish, but i couldn't get away with that. i will have to keep my head high with silver!

Monday, October 17, 2005

i went to petsmart the other day to buy some more things for the fishes ... such as ph and ammonia testing kits. my ph was normal for goldfish, but the ammonia! (oh! i'm sooo sorry fishes!) it was bad. i contemplated changing the water last night, but decided to wait until this morning, while dreading i'd have some floaters by morning. i did a 25% water change, but haven't re-tested the ammonia --- it has to be better though. see how happy they look!

fishes clean

and, it was a bit nippy in my apt. this morning. i closed the windows last night, but since this house is 80 yrs. old, and likely poorly insulated, it was about 65* in here when i woke up. i checked my outside thermometer ....


i'm sure it was colder earlier, as i didn't emerge from my cocoon until almost 9am.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i have pets!

oh, they're soooo happy now! there's something strange about an empty aquarium. i kept glancing at it, expecting to see the fishes, but ...

fishes before

i had to wait for the new set up to run for about 24 hrs. then, i could relocate my new babies :)

fishes after

these are fair fish, meaning, they will outlive your petstore fish. they've survived traveling like a circus, being in baggies, having ping-pong balls tossed at them .... and now they'll live happily in my three gallon tank.

... you try to take a picture of swimming fishes! they don't hold still.

they are soooo much happier now. i am soooo much happier now. during their transition time, they spent some time in two different shallow bowls, one being a mixing bowl. all they did was sit still. it was spooky. but, now that they're in the tank, they're exploring and swimming alllllll over. too bad i can't kiss them.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i have a little bit of nightmare before christmas running through my head, though it's only the season for halloween. i guess i feel like the holidays are rapidly approaching, and, like always, i won't be prepared. but, i will welcome the festivities with open arms! i'm home visiting for the weekend, and mom and i went to her storage today to get some halloween decorations ....

witchy pooh

whirlygigs 2 whirlygigs

also, while here, i may have adopted a fair fish. and, that i will have to update about later ...


and lastly, there's something still bagged beside the trashcan outside ......


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the bottom(less) wine glass

what can i say? i have these cutesy glasses from
crate & barrel , (the shorter/fatter version, if you clicked the link) which i just noticed allowed a wonderful glimpse of my coaster underneath! (no disrespect meant to you mom! really!)(these coasters were a gift)
for those of you who cannot/did not click the link, these glasses are essentially a big stemless bowl ... a bowl of wine. white wine, so you can see the coaster beneath.
one note on their practicality ... i envision breaking at least one of these glasses, if not more ... because they are just bowls! no stem to hold onto as you wash. i see it now --- all soapy, and wheeeeee! , "i'm flying through the air, and i can't wait to crash into the sink!" wham-o slam-o !

i have a suspicion that this is a great way to get to know someone that you thought you already knew

this blog is fresh !

FRESH , exciting, so inviting to me .... !
this is for content that's not so knitterly ... because i do believe in separating the two, as, when i look at knit blogs, i want to see knitting, read knitting, not anything about your kids or your life, or your DH or MIL. i don't care about that! i'm ms. show me the knitting!

but, there is an exception, i totally welcome ANYTHING that
crazy aunt purl has to talk about! she can talk about her cats or her ex, and i'm all into the reading.

i don't know how much i will post. maybe this is more for me than you anyways.

ps the rules are that there aren't any rules. this is my domain. (smiling from ear to ear)