Thursday, April 22, 2010


vacation doesn't always mean going somewhere far away or exotic. sometimes it means, "i'm not working today, but i'm still getting paid!"

that's the kind of vacation i had recently. but still, the vacation mentality is still there. i can do X because i'm on vacation !

so, what did i do on vacation?

i had my FIRST ever WHOPPER. yes. i'd never had a whopper before. and now i have. and now i never will ever again. it was nothing special. now, maybe, next time, i will have one of their thick burgers.

whopper ?

and, i went shopping (speed shopping) down at the "yellow stores" in gaffney, sc. my favorite store there is the eddie bauer outlet. LOVE IT.

i found this really great bag, which i immediately moved into.

space bag

it's kinda like a small messenger bag. i love bags i can swing across my chest so i can be hands-free. the bag was reduced 70% so i got it for $6. i also got a pair of "aubergine" corduroy jeans. they're very much out of season, but this weekend was "out of season" too. it was cold. i hadn't packed any proper pants for my visit, and $12 purple pants were the perfect solution.

and cookies. i like baking, but can't really eat an entire cake by myself, nor a batch of cookies, and the kids do like homemade cookies. this time, i enlisted one to help. and he was a fantastic helper.

bustin justin from samoa

lastly, mom and i always laugh about her mother's house, and all the "interesting" things in it. this is mom's view from the kitchen sink.

the good stuff

i had a great visit. slept like a babe, and accomplished next to nothing. all in all, a very good "vacation".

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

have you had your FREAK OUT today ?!

i did. i thought i put this around my neck today. i meant to. but, instead, i put an old necklace into a box, and then laid the new one on it in the suitcase too. neck bare. brain forgotten.

drooping flower

and then the freak out commences ... where is it?! did i drop it?! follows all foot steps within the last 200+ miles. no necklace. calls mom. freaked out. "MOM!~ I LOST MY NEW NECKLACE !!!".

and while talking to her, i retraced my "home miles" and found it, outside the box, inside the suitcase. necklace on neck right now.

pretty necklace i'm not worth of ... by fossil (love fossil !!!).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

spring indeed

purple haze socks 073

so, for awhile there, i thought i'd killed my shamrock. i put it outside when i knew we wouldn't have any more freezing temperatures. but, apparently, the cold, in general, is enough to tell this plant, "hey, it's cold, you shouldn't be growing now !" so, ... it died back.

and i was sad.

and then, it came back !

and now my shamrock is growing like mad everyday. i think it grows an inch each day. today was a special treat, as it just popped with little flowers ....

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


spring means allergies. spring means, the yellow haze. and it also means change. more changes than i can document, not care to.

first of all, my truck is covered in pollen. one of my neighbors was "concerned" about this phenonema, and i assured her it was "like the flu" ... comes on strong, but will depart quickly. though, now i'm not so sure, because we have these two giagantic pecan trees that will spit out the pollen, and then their stupid curly things.

regardless ...

tonight is the PERFECT night. it's not too hot. it's warm, but with a cool breeze. the doors and windows are open. the air is moving. sometimes, here, the air is stagnant. not tonight.

and i'm enjoying it.

twinkle twinkle

and ...

new stuff!

and i got new phone, and service, this past weekend. and there's a learning curve. it's awful, but necessary.

i am learning ... delaying calls, cutting some off, and dropping altogether. such is modern life.

but, it's all good.

especially the weather. yes, the weather! i am loving it. i love these inbetween seasons where the weather is a bit here & there ... and i need neither heat nor a.c.