Saturday, April 30, 2011

something to think about

i remember this ... such a bad storm, and i was staying late/overnight in my studio in raleigh. one of my classmates was going to walk back to her dorm, but we found someone to drive her instead. it was a nasty night.

the k-mart at the intersection of six forks and wake forest was GONE. there was debris everywhere, and a random shopping cart and perhaps an empty clothing rack was left.

and today i saw this, as i went out to do errands in the garner area. this street is one block east, and the damage is a just a stone's throw south. so close. i need a weather radio.

on the 16th, my neighbors were wisely in the stairwell, ... and i just watched the rain blow sideways.

Monday, April 25, 2011

still easter ....

for easter weekend, i did go home. i was able to swap shifts with someone on thursday, and leave work 3 hrs. earlier than i would normally. this made a HUGE difference in the weekend overall.

we kept things very simple for easter. we had a honey ham, and decided "no cooking". sandwiches it was! ham, yeast rolls, mixed fruit & yogurt, and some deviled eggs (okay, minimal cooking).

and for dessert?

easter cookies!

fancy cookies

i got this kit for the decorative tools from williams-sonoma. and, as of today, this kit is not on their website anymore! hello, it's only 'easter monday' ?!

the kit included a recipe for the cookie dough, 4 cookie cutters, 6 stamps, and 4 rollers.

i think everything is represented here, except for the easter basket cutter. (and the pan they're sitting in ... a wilton's heart shaped cookie pan ... NOT part of the williams-sonoma kit).

as i was following the recipe (so i thought), i realized my 'dough' was not dough, but instead was quite flakey. mom says, "did you use the egg?". and then she says (as i'm watching the food network in the kitchen) ... "you are NOT an iron chef!".

crappers! the egg was still sitting on the counter. WHOOPS!

otherwise, the kit & recipe are perfect!

the day before, we were doing some last minute shopping at the local small town walmart. i tell you what, i will never pass up on a walmart experience the day (or hours) before a holiday. the easter section was crazy-at-best.

it was destroyed! and crowded! and funny!

but, i did find this:

nordic ware !

i had not seen this pan at my local "big town" walmart. but, perhaps i missed it because it was in the easter section vs. the baking section. though, i've also learned, not all walmarts carry the same stock.

i am a sucker for nordic ware. i am especially enamored with their bundt style pans, and bakeware that makes cool shapes/things. and this one ... makes easter eggs! i cannot use it this year, as i was already doing the cookies, but you better believe there will be egg-cakes next year.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

dear olivia ...

because i spend so much time doing things like this:

monster making!

i don't have time for things like this:


though, the dishes ARE pretty! look at all that fabulous pyrex ;)

so the top photo is of the monster making i've been doing. i already knitted my swap partner a monster, but then i saw someone's version of a sewn one (seen here), and decided i wanted to sew some too.

i'm not modifying the pattern as of yet, but am sticking to the pattern to sew Max, just as the pattern is designed. the pattern can be found here.

in the picture up above, there are 2 max's (maxes, max-i, max x 2, maxie ?). when i was laying out the pattern pieces on the wee piece of 1/4 yard x full width of 45" fabric, i realized i could get 2 small monsters from such a small cut. so, i'm making 2.

sewing is way faster than knitting, though i've done an excellent job of stalling. i did manage to do my first machine applique ever.

zig zag zig zag

my next step is to put the eyes on. i wanted to use safety eyes, but didn't have any friggin' frackin' fray check. one quick trip to the fabric store before closing time saved the day. so, i have added a dab of fray check to where each eye will go, and later i will make the 'snip' and add the safety eyes. i'll probably also reinforce with something else that won't tear, as i don't trust the cotton fabric.

the cotton fabric, by the way, is from the kaffe fassett collection. this particular pattern is called "paperweight". i made a trade with a quilter a couple of years ago, and she sent me some of her stash ... including some cuts of these rowan fabrics.

yesterday morning, while i was out, i made a mad dash to the williams-sonoma store. i adore that store. they have the best & coolest stuff for baking. i had read lots of reviews online, and decided i "needed" these star wars cookie cutters!

may the force be with you

they also have a set for the "vehicles", but i didn't see them in my store. i guess i'll be satisfied with making little yodas, boba fetts, darth vaders, and stormtroppers. what's nice with the bakeware you buy there, these cutters, cake pans, etc, always include a recipe. and from what i've read, the recipe with these cutters works wonderfully.

and of course, some of the easter stuff was already discounted. i really wanted this kit:

easter cookies!

it includes 4 cutters, 6 stamps, and 4 rollers. the cutters mostly say "easter", but most of the stamps and all of the rollers can be used outside of the holiday.

so, olivia, are you happy now? will you keep reading my blog(s)?

(off to enjoy something unhealthy now ... burger & fries ... i have a friend that wants to show off his new motorcycle)