Tuesday, May 27, 2008

first things first ....


YAY! i purchased my pass today. i had planned (originally) to ride in extra early this morning, and buy my pass, and then take the bus back out to my jobby job ... BUT, i strained my back last night, and did not sleep well, and had doubts about my mobility and stamina in the morning.

but, thanks to doses of ibuprofen, i am feeling much much better. and, i drove in. we had a scheduled fire drill today, so i took that time to cruise on over to the transit center and purchase my pass. it will be activated the first time i use it, which will be tomorrow ... rain and all.

yesterday, i went for a walk. it was nice to get out and about in the neighborhood on such a fine evening. as much as i like to check out people's houses and gardens, i do spend much time looking at the ground, because the sidewalks here are reminiscent of an earthquake zone. if you don't watch, you will trip.



one of my favorite views

the last shot is my favorite ....

Friday, May 23, 2008

news from the 'hood

i do love where i live ... though, there are places i imagine i would love more ........ ie: asheville.

but, i don't live there, i live in the 'hood, elsewhere.

and, it 'is what it is'.

for example:

the weather right now is awesome. it's in that transitional phase of perfection ... days that are true 'carolina blue', sunny and comfortable, and simply perfect. on days like that, i like my windows open for fresh air and a breeze, not for an obnoxious musical selection. i think these guys think a lot of themselves .....
perhaps i could had drowned out their music with mine, but i was more in the realm of peace and quiet.

in other news ... gas is getting more and more crazy expensive. and perhaps we have been spoiled compared to other countries, but, $3.99/gal today is the highest i've ever seen it.

and today was the first time i did this ...

i rode the bus !

it was fine. it was easy. it was friendly. and, i did NOT have to drive! i think my outgoing bus of the morning was late. i hightailed it to the bus stop, in fear of missing the bus. but ... it wasn't on time anyways.

and, it was the same on my way home. SO, the bus is not for people who want to be more in control of their schedules.

and, i did find some time for knitting. i think i picked a pattern that is too complex for the distractions of commuting. i will have to find a mindless project before tuesday ....

socken on bus

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

too pretty to eat

'sweets' from india

these were on my desk when i arrived at work yesterday. i am not a candy person, but perhaps i've been converted ... LOOK HOW PRETTY!

they're "sweets" from india, via kerstin. (thanks kerstin!)

they have the texture of marzipan. they're not overly sweet either (thank goodness) ... and i especially love how they're kinda covered in silver leaf.

and, i like how some of them look like hatching alien eggs!

Friday, May 02, 2008

for now ...

... the pain is gone. the mark, ... here to stay for awhile yet.
perhaps i should go on a raw diet?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

hazardous cook

... i've probably said that before. but, this is my first (in a loooong time) accident in the kitchen.

i just kinda touched my arm on the upper underside of the open oven. OUCH!

a burn. shit. ouch. damn. fuck.

so, dinner was good. wet dish towel with ice was wonderful. and scar will be lovely.