Thursday, April 18, 2013

paper stars

i was out with a friend monday night, and the second place we went to had these wonderful paper star lanterns.




i probably looked kinda silly taking pictures of the lanterns, but ... i just really like them.

so of course, what comes next, is the power of google.

i found this website with loads of stars. they are SO pretty! they don't include the wiring kit (it can be purchased separately). and, they are BIG --- so, they are for "some day" --- when i can hang at least a few, in an area where the paper wouldn't be compromised, and where no one would bang their head into them.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

what's cookin' ?

apparently, i'm grateful for the plethora of emails i get from various websites --- with ideas for cleaning, organization, and recipes. (i don't really organize or clean, but i do like to read about it :p   )

i'm also now especially fond of websites that i can link their recipe offering via pinterest. it's a paperless way of keeping a recipe box.

the most recent recipe is now in the crockpot.


i found this recipe yesterday for slow cooker pepper steak. but better yet, it had a video! for me, that's especially helpful, as i can easily botch a recipe or technique.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


when i got home this evening, i of course spent some time with mr. fishy (his name is rocket), but, i still call him "hey fishy!".

he loves to eat. he sees me and literally wags his tail, begging for food.

so, i give him a few pellets.

it was so cute when i looked down into the hole in the  upper corner of his tank, and i saw him looking straight up with his mouth wide open.


i couldn't capture a picture of that, ... since it's hard enough trying to capture ANY pictures that aren't "action shots".


... see what i mean?