Tuesday, August 06, 2013

one of my favorite recipes!

i made a rule (for myself) for summer ... do not use the oven. the oven makes things way too hot.

now, i've broken that rule twice.

once to bake cookies for my beach trip, and now for this recipe.

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this is a crockpot recipe, that has a fair amount of prep work. i'm okay with the prep work, i had just forgotten that the prep involved turning on the oven (the broiler).

regardless, i'm glad i did. this stuff is yummy!

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this is a pork & tomatillo stew ... and OH so good!

i've made it a few times, and usually cook up a pot a rice to serve it with as well. this is lunch this week =)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


my team at work decided, "let's have a potluck!"

this always leaves me feeling challenged thinking, "what can i make that ... 1) i'd want to eat, 2) is healthy, 3) won't suffer from sitting at room temperature for who knows how many hours, 4) will THEY like it ?!"

i started to surf the net. i bookmarked a few recipes via pinterest.

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thus, i decided on this: Wild rice salad with edamame and cranberries ....

i found some of the ingredients at whole foods, and the rest at harris teeter. the wild rice, edamame, and walnuts were best purchased at whole foods. but their dried cranberries? ... i just didn't want to pay a king's ransom for them. and their dried cranberries were very "dried", as in practically dehydrated.

so, i finished my shopping elsewhere.

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see the really cool pyrex ?!

anyways ... so, i actually followed the recipe. i usually do that the first time around. i don't really want to change things until i know the original won't suit me.

and, i think it's good! the rice is a bit chewy, and i think that's how it's suppose to be. this was my first time cooking wild rice.

there's another kind of rice on special at the whole foods now --- it's black. not sure what it's called, but i might have to pick some up this weekend, because it just looks really cool.

so, tomorrow, i will sport this dish, for our potluck, and hope it's good enough for a meat-eating sugar-crazed crowed. i think it will. it seems that lots of the women on my team are more interested in healthy eating as well.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

how to ...

... change the headlamp.

i noticed this morning when i pulled up infront of the laundromat, that i didn't see 2 headlights in my reflection.


i got out and checked. yep. one was out. grrrr.

after i got the laundry into the machines, i surfed the net for instructions on how to change the bulb. i found this video:

later this afternoon, i stopped at the auto store and purchased a replacement bulb.

but, it's not something i want to mess with today. i will have to tackle this when my truck isn't hot, and i have gloves as to avoid touching the bulb, and in a place where the mosquitos won't eat me when i'm futzing around under the hood!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

hedgehog afternoon

i spent some time with a friend from work this morning ... she wants to learn how to knit (and crochet!) ... so we started with the basics of knitting. after just a couple of hours, she's already on her way with her first project, and highly motivated =)

i wish i'd taken pictures of all her pets, but the only pictures taken were of the hedgehogs.

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this little girl was so cute! she was a bit nervous, and was tucking up. i've never held a hedgehog before. they're sweet, quite prickly, but their bellies are so soft.

and then corrine brought out the "big one".

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the 4th is ... over ... sorta

i had a FABULOUS 4th of july!

this will be a quick post, because i want to work on a new project before bedtime ...

but, i cleaned house, i made lanterns, and i had a couple of old friends over.

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i had made these tin can lanterns during the week. each evening, i was able to accomplish at least one step ... whether freezing cans, or punching them out.

i made a total of 5 lanterns. they are actually pretty in their "natural" state, but i did spray paint them to be festive for the holiday ....

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i had splurged and purchased a can of glossy red spray paint.

and the funny thing was ... when it got dark enough to light the lanterns, it was time for fireworks . meaning, they were not even used that night!

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here's me (taking photo) hanging out on the porch with schmutzie & corbett.

i was knitting on my sweater (which, i am wearing now), and we were laughing, listening to music, and drinking white wine.

.... and then, it was darkish ... and the fireworks started!

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i know ... that's not a "this" ...

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but, it's all i have time for right now ... i must say, it's really nice to just walk out into your front yard and take a look over to the east and see fireworks!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

things to do ...

... there's always something "to do". i never get bored ... i only run out of time.

i have been perusing pinterest, and other line stuff, and found some really easy ideas to make some lanterns for my porch(es).

the simplest one is going to be this idea:

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i am now freezing a few cans from my recycle bin.

i first put in about 1/2" of water and let that freeze. then, i came back and filled up shy of 1/2" from the top and put back in the freezer. (the idea of the 1st small freeze is to keep the bottom of the can from bulging out --- i'll let you know!)

the idea is to have a nice solid core before i start punching holes into the cans with a nail & hammer.

once that is done --- the ice will melt. i will dry off my cans, and then spray paint with some red glossy paint i picked up today.

i already have some 16 gauge wire if i want to make handles.

and for candles? ... i have some tea lights (and picked up 4 battery operated tea lights as well).

easy, right?!

outside ...

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... i brought a friend home. i saw this fellow when i was out & about yesterday. i have another one in green.

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yep, a froggy planter.

i know. i can't help it. it's cute. and functional. and now i have 2! lol!

the plant in the back of mr. froggy is a wandering jew. the piece in mr. froggy now was "rescued" from a few feet away where i park my truck. my neighbors had 4 hanging baskets over their gate --- and just let them die. and some of the pieces had fallen to the ground and taken root.

one day, i pinched one of these pieces and brought inside to grow roots in a shot glass.

as, i'm doing now, again ....

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maybe in a week, there will be roots enough to go into mr. froggy the second =)

also, now looking at how much my plant has grown, i might pinch it back and put that piece in water too!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

plan B , next event ....

the weekend plans of the symposium didn't pan out. which is okay, as there are always other things to do.

my friend schmutzie is coming over here on the 4th. she's german. so, i hope to (not) overwhelm her with an all-american 4th of july day.

first of all, we are almost complete opposites, but we've been friends for years. our most obvious connection is our love of knitting, ... and underneath all that ... there's the human factor.

SO, i want her to have fun here --- and i've "decorated" bit.

of course, the red white & blue lights are hanging outside on the porch ...

oakridge 042

i got these last year ... a bit late in the season. they're really pretty --- they're ... what do they call it? ... LED.

and today, when i was out at the local joann's ... i saw they had holiday appropriate fabric on sale at 50% off, so i got this fabric of stars.

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it's rather stiff --- i think it's loaded with sizing. i didn't prewash it. i just turned a hem on each cut end and dropped it on the table!

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this is my "instant gratification" solution to changing things up around here --- i just buy a couple yards of 45" wide fabric, finish the cut ends, and decorate the table.

i think the most i've spent on doing a tablecloth this way is about $10 total.

i don't do anything with the selvedge edges --- they're finished already --- i doubt anyone would look, and if they do, then they will know where the fabric came from, the dye dots, and .....

Thursday, June 27, 2013

U F O ' s !!!

this weekend, i'm going to visit a friend and we're going to a UFO symposium !!!

regardless of the subject or venue --- i'm quite excited.  the only other convention type i've ever been to is for knitting & yarn.

so, this is a first. and a good first.

to prepare, i contemplated sewing a dress out of my ufo fabric ... but i haven't had the time.

instead, i pulled out my flying saucer necklace ...

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which was made by my friend leanne.

and these guys ... which will not attend, but my best friends from toy story ...

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the fabric background in both pics is the fabric i wanted to sew for my dress ... but i just didn't have time.

do you think anyone might be offended if i showed up with a tin foil hat ?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

thank goodness only the battery!

i've had a semi-productive day, in-spite of the "detour". i scrubbed down the shower/tub, changed bed linens, cleaned out expired pantry & fridge items ... and then headed out for a few errands (speciality light bulbs, gas, a few groceries).

my first stop was for the specialty bulbs, at the local home & improvement store.

it was lightly raining when i got there. i found the bulbs i needed (and, btw, one came with the filaments already disconnected!) --- and spent more time waiting in line (what?! ... a big box home & improvement store, with only 1 checkout line open?!).

the guy behind me was laughing about it, and said, "maybe you should buy your bulbs online"  ;)

maybe?! ... i have used the ship to store service before for Ace Hardware, and it's quite convenient.

anyhoo ... i came out of the store and got back in my truck and turned the key.


then the wipers moved.

then nothing.

i tried again ... nothing ... and then the wipers moved again and my CD popped out of the radio.


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so, i  kept my cool and was saddened by the thought that i had not packed any emergency knitting.


lesson learned. and water. gosh, i really could had used a bottle of water --- it was hot & steamy.

the strange part was that i could hear some really "animal" sounds coming from the area of the ignition/steering column ... little chirps ... i thought, "holy shit, i hope there's not some kinda rodent in there that has eaten my wires as a snack".

i had chatted a bit with punk (bff!) --- and he was at least an hour away (and AAA was coming anyways) ... here's our convo:

punk ... did you raise the hood?
me ... i did ... but i couldn't "see" anything ... no critters!
punk ... did you leave the hood up?
me ... uh, no .....
punk ... then no one will ask you if you need help if your hood is down.
me .... ooooooh!

i put the hood back up, and i swear, in a instant, a hispanic couple had doubled around to come assist. the girl said her husband always works on her car, and he checked my battery. he didn't speak english, but she did.

he wiggled the wires and made a face at the connections. she talked about pouring coke on the connections. i think the word he would had said is "sucio".

AND, after he did that, it did start!

i thanked them, and after a bit, did turn it off. i wanted to wait for AAA, as they would test everything.

about 10 or 15 minutes later, AAA arrived.

AAA showed up, tested my battery, alternator, etc. his recommendation was to have the battery checked again from the place i purchased it from, and possibly have it recharged. everything else checked out okay.

Tom checked everything, and cleaned all the parts ... and you see his test results above.

so, off to advanced auto i went (not even 1/4 mile down the road) --- and that took awhile. i had purchased my battery from a different store (same chain) ... so it took more time because their computers don't connect.

the good news is, Gabriel was a great help --- and my battery was replaced free of charge.

and then, about 2.5 hrs after i'd left my house, i was able to do the rest of my errands.

so now, i just want to work on my sweater or a crochet project. i'm kinda "done" for the day.

though, it's been a rather quiet & peaceful sunday.

i'm glad it was only the battery, and nothing costly --- or more time consuming.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

odd day 2

we had a big race here in town today. a 1/2 "ironman" ... for me, it meant a bit of planning. i'm so glad i caught the story on the news as drove home friday night.

this morning, i woke up with the sun, played on my iPad, and then thought ... "hmmm ... i wonder which streets are closed and when?!"

i soon realized that if i wanted to do my grocery shopping before tonight, that i had to get going asap. the roads closed at 9am.

i got up, cleaned up, and headed out & back. on my way home, the city was already blocking off streets and setting up port-a-johns.

later, after putting things away, i spent some time outside on the porch.

i noticed a man that had come around. he waited here. he crossed over. he came back across.

then, i realized ... i hadn't seen a bus today.

BeFunky Filmstrip 5 on iPhone

(he was sitting in that bare patch near the smaller tree) ... i went downstairs and asked him if he was waiting for the #11.

he was.

i had looked up the bus info on my ipad and told him, " i don't think it'll come this way today ....."

the buses had been re-routed due to the race. the detour would take him a block south, and across a very busy street.

he picked up his stuff and started walking.

i hope he got to where he was headed today.

i was fortunate enough to discover the event on the radio friday evening. i don't think he had access to radio/internet/tv.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

paper stars

i was out with a friend monday night, and the second place we went to had these wonderful paper star lanterns.




i probably looked kinda silly taking pictures of the lanterns, but ... i just really like them.

so of course, what comes next, is the power of google.

i found this website with loads of stars. they are SO pretty! they don't include the wiring kit (it can be purchased separately). and, they are BIG --- so, they are for "some day" --- when i can hang at least a few, in an area where the paper wouldn't be compromised, and where no one would bang their head into them.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

what's cookin' ?

apparently, i'm grateful for the plethora of emails i get from various websites --- with ideas for cleaning, organization, and recipes. (i don't really organize or clean, but i do like to read about it :p   )

i'm also now especially fond of websites that i can link their recipe offering via pinterest. it's a paperless way of keeping a recipe box.

the most recent recipe is now in the crockpot.


i found this recipe yesterday for slow cooker pepper steak. but better yet, it had a video! for me, that's especially helpful, as i can easily botch a recipe or technique.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


when i got home this evening, i of course spent some time with mr. fishy (his name is rocket), but, i still call him "hey fishy!".

he loves to eat. he sees me and literally wags his tail, begging for food.

so, i give him a few pellets.

it was so cute when i looked down into the hole in the  upper corner of his tank, and i saw him looking straight up with his mouth wide open.


i couldn't capture a picture of that, ... since it's hard enough trying to capture ANY pictures that aren't "action shots".


... see what i mean?

Monday, March 25, 2013


yesterday i was taking my rings off to wash dishes, and i wanted a place to put them ... so i looked up in my cabinet and found a small bowl.


sometimes, things are "out of sight, out of mind", as were these mini bowls/dishes.

they were a gift, probably more than 10 years ago, from a friend. the rest are still stacked up in the cabinet, but i did pull them out for a photo =)


they are little japanese bowls.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


i learned something valuable recently, regarding my decorative lights.

and night .....

apparently, when these lights go out, they must be replaced with 12 volt bulbs!

this goes for any of the decorative 10 light strings. i had tried replacing them with some other mini bulbs, but the ones for a strand of christmas lights doesn't have enough voltage.

here's what i bought at Ace Hardware (i purchased online and had ship-to-store for free).


see in the top right corner, "For 10 & 11 light sets/tree toppers" ? ... yep.

so, this afternoon, i got out my little ladder, and replaced an old bulb, and it's glowing like all the others =)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

pot roast

i'd never done a pot roast before. heck, i had to ask the butcher at the grocery store which cut of meat to get (i showed her my recipe, and explained i've never done this, and had NO idea).

she graciously walked me over to the cooler and showed me exactly.

the recipe i had found online, via an email list of the allrecipes website.

which made it even less daunting was it had a video!

looking at the video now, i see how their cut had a lot less fat. oh well ... the recipe did deliver. it was easy to do, and the meat just fell apart.

so, it looks like i'm going to be eating a ton of beef this week.

st. patrick's day !!!


i almost forgot to turn my lights on last night, as i was so enamored with my old/new lamp!

these are my shamrocks. i keep them indoors in the winter, and out on north facing porch in the summer. they are much healthier in the summer, and sort of limp through the winter.

if they were planted in the ground, they would be dormant right now, and come back each year.


a couple of years ago, when i first planted the purple ones, i gave one of my bulbs to mom. i took it to her in a pot. later, she got lazy, and combined it with her pot of green ones, so hers look like a hybrid of the two (green leaves with a tint of purple on the underside).

Saturday, March 16, 2013

i love it!

i showed my lamp (as seen in the back of my truck from the previous post) today to my friend schmutzie. i'm like, "isn't it pretty?!" ... and she's, "ummm, NO."

we have very different aesthetics. for example, see these two lamps? schmutzie is on the left, i am on the right.


so, moving right along --- after leaving there, i headed to a shopping center that would have everything i was looking for today (a ball of yarn and a lampshade).

by the way, that lamp above, on the left, she has that lamp in her den.

next, came the game of dressy bessie. notice how my lamp has a harp? i tried on lots of shades, that would all fit on the harp. but, they all seemed wrong. they sat up too high, and had to be a larger size to cover the other parts.

i took the harp off, and then tried smaller shades that would sit lower. BINGO.



the print isn't really as dramatic as pictured above. that's the "BeFunky" app doing its fun effects =)

the color of the flowers is really a pale beige-gray.


and now, my lamp is complete. 

this is what it really looks like ... though, the photo apps are loads of fun!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

life is colorful

so, i got a new lamp. and, it's "colorful". tacky? no ....


it's sideways, down in the bed of my truck. $17.50. auction. all is metal but the base. really?! ... how can the base be plastic?!

the globe is green and the lamp is a 3-way. green globe on/off, incandescent on/off, both.

well, green is my favorite color!