Wednesday, February 19, 2014

sweet baby truck !!!

fancy tailgate!

my sweet baby is in the shop tonight --- it's been having some problems starting lately, and tonight bit the dust on starting.

i was able to get to work, but couldn't get started to leave work.

i called AAA. they came out and the guy said, "i can get it started". he banged under the hood, and then banged on the underside.

he did get it started.

once started, i couldn't turn off the engine, as i probably wouldn't be able to start again (so i kept it running until i got it to the service station). i had called earlier that day to my local service station. they said if i dropped off my truck after hours, then to just put my key with a note through the slot of one of their bay doors.

so i did.

my friend followed me back into town, we dropped off my key, and drove me home.

tomorrow i will ride into work with a neighbor and coworker --- and hopefully my truck will get fixed tomorrow.

it feels weird not having my truck key on my key chain.

i suppose things are going to fail on a '97 eventually.