Sunday, October 04, 2009

not going there ....

... there, as in how long it's been since my last update. the funny thing is, my life right now is much more non-knitty vs. knitty. there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

but, whatever. i have pictures!

fidelity hot beverage sippy cup

this is what's been sucking up all my time. not the cup, so much as the employment. it's good though. the adjustment has been huge. training was 7 weeks long, and i'm only about to begin my 4th week 'on the floor'. my schedule is what i requested, but during the busy time, overtime is mandatory. i have some 12 hr days ahead of me. i will never complain about making money though.

another new thing for me ... i purchased my first novel in i don't know how many years ! i don't typically buy books i can borrow (ie: friends or library). but, because this is a new release, and i was somewhere between 200 and 300 in queue for this book from the library, i made the purchase. sam's club has some good prices on books and magazines! (ps. i think this is the 7th book in the series)(first 6 read were jackie's copies)

bedtime reading

often, i equate purchase price vs. hours of enjoyment. well, $17 over 3 to 5 months sounds like a pretty good deal to me. i got this yesterday, and left it on my bed for bedtime reading. when bedtime came around, i paged through some knitting & crochet magazines, then i got all comfortable for my book. after a page or two, my eyelids gave way.

tonight, i will have to start over, as i have no memory of what i read.

and another great thing about what makes home home ....

conejo azul

... my blue bunny! i got to go visit a couple of dear friends a couple of weeks ago. it was a celebration, with will getting his doctorate degree. i love visiting leanne & will.

i brought home a blue bunny, made by leanne. at first, he lived in the living room. but, it wasn't "right". then, during this weekend of nothing but relaxation, blue bunny found his way outside, on the porch. though he looks startled, he's quite content. he's up (second floor) on a porch, facing a very active street, but safe from the public. he needed a better background, so i tossed a scrap of fabric on the crappy table outside. now, i'm thinking, i need to hem the fabric with ball fringe.