Tuesday, June 10, 2008

seriously ....

8pm and still ! 94* outside. sh*t.

little things ...

... make me happy :)

like, my new laptop lunchbox! i had seen these long ago, on the blog vegan lunch box.

since i have been commuting, taking my lunch daily had become a greater daily challenge. at first, i was driving, so the container didn't matter so much (ie: i could take a big heavy pyrex thing with saran wrap over it). but, when i started having to walk a lot further, and riding the bus, i switched to what leak proof plastic containers i had. it takes me about an hour to get from my home to work ((includes walking to the bus stop, waiting for the (usually late) bus, transit time, and walking from the drop off to work)). so, keeping the meal cool, especially now in the early HOT summer temperatures, has become an issue as well.

so, i got this ....

can you see it?

well ... it's in there ..... amongst the other dishes .......

it's pretty cool. i also got the bento sleeve with ice pack to keep the coolness snug against my lunchbox, w/o the excess bulk of a "proper" case.

and you know, another cool thing is there's a flickr group if i'm looking for some inspiration or ideas about what to pack.

i think what i like most is the idea of portioning and variety. that's what all those spaces/places make me think of.

ps. i found an online coupon for a 10% discount ... though, i cannot find it right now to post here ......

Monday, June 02, 2008

happy birthday GOOMBA !!!

happy birthday!

happy birthday to my BBF

don't be deceived ....

... by this pretty flower ... nothing is at it appears!

it was one of those days .... lately, i have been waking up before my alarm, as it's pretty light out before 7am. i'm pretty good about getting up, usually. if it's light. if i know i won't fall back asleep, i just pop out of bed. it amazes me how bright it is now compared to when daylight savings changed. it was hopeless then. i could not get out of bed when it was still darkish at 7am!

but, that doesn't really have much to do with this. unless, you think, "gosh, you got up at 6:50am, surely you could get to work on time!".

i could, if the buses displayed the correct route in their electronic signs !!! i missed two buses today because 1) i am a rookie and 2) the buses had their signs wrong.

what i did not realize is that only one tta bus comes down my street. and, if i am ever in doubt, i should stop the bus and ask. so, now i know. and i was 30min late to work.

but, i should not have to do that. i did my part. i got up, i got up early, did my "stuff". got to the bus stop on time ... and the first two buses screwed up. i did my part, they need to do their part !

(sigh) ... i finished knitting a sock on today's ride(s). and on the way home, i was a 'big girl' and "mastered the system" !

i got off tta at a requested stop, walked X blocks to the shopping center with the grocery store, did my shopping, and then proceeded to wait at the stop for the city bus that could take me as close to home .....

i do not mind riding the bus at all.

it's always an experience ... interesting folks, questions about my socks, and the weather is a constant consideration .....

i understand that at times it may not be on schedule, or conducive to my schedule. but, it's a good thing overall.

tomorrow will be better .....

regarding flower ... i often buy bunches of spider mums at my local grocery store. they're inexpensive, and stay in bloom for 10 to 14 days.and, they're pretty !