Friday, December 10, 2010

how time flies ....

this past weekend, it actually SNOWED! not much, but it was so pretty coming down. and, it's been so cold since then, it's not all melted away. instead, it's all ice.

brrrr !!!

in getting things together for christmas, mom and i made some christmas light balls during the thanksgiving holiday. we made the chicken wire balls at her house, and then i brought mine home to wrap the lights and hang.

christmas light balls

they are crazy beautiful when i come around the corner at night, and they glow on the porch.

multi-colored ball

this one is my favorite. i did 2 solids and a multi, and i'm surprised how much more i like the multi colored ball.

when i went to the hardware store for the cords to plug them into, i got the wrong cords. i thought i was buying a cord with multiple plugs in intervals, but instead, i bought a 'value pack' of two 9' cords and one 6' cord. but, as it turned out, that ended up being better. so, happy mistakes!