Friday, February 29, 2008

winter finally ... though elsewhere

at some point, i will get around to the rest of my pictures ... but for now, here's stuart enjoying his first real snowfall ... and of course, he had to make a snow angel!

catskill, ny ... 23 february, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

big mama!

i've had my wee yellow kettle for a long long time. i don't even know who its maker is, or when or where i got it.

but ... i decided its 1qt capacity wasn't quite enough ... so, welcome pretty gray kitchenaid 2qt kettle!

i had picked one up yesterday at target, but after examining it further (beyond its pretty robin's egg blue enamel), i decided it wasn't that sturdy. so, i found something else today, discounted (coupon and display model discount) ....

now ... i think i need a bigger teapot!

Monday, February 11, 2008

perfect day ...

i went walking this morning ... yesterday as well .... i'd like to make this more of a habit, as it use to be ....

it was colder today than yesterday, but i just bundled up in appropriate gear. after i was going awhile, i was unzipping, and rezipping, all over!

walk. walk. walk. look around .... pause. look up .... awwwwwww ...... !

one thing nice about a cold crisp day is the clear blue sky .....

.... just a lovely day !

Monday, February 04, 2008

in denial

when i came back from the dominican, i had a wee thing. i think it came from sleeping infront of the window unit ... and then flying ... and all that nasty recycled air.

and it didn't really go away. and then, at the beginning of january, it got bad enough to go to the doctor. she wrote me a 'script incase it got worse. it didn't get worse, but it didn't really ever go completely away.

and then, it came back with friends ....

solution? get that damn perscription filled and take the pills!

i have problems discerning between cold symptoms and allergies. i think anyone with allergies has that issue. and february can be my worst allergy month. i don't know why ... i just note the calendar.

so, i'm taking them. 3 times a day. 10 days. ugh. i just hope the pills don't leave me with any of their "friends".