Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the sun is setting

i feel like i need a replay on today ... not because i need to right a wrong. i just need to have more of the glorious daylight shining today, and the groove i'm in, getting things done. but, as i sit here, i can see the sun about 20 minutes away from hiding behind the neighbor's rooftop. the day is fading. too fast.
i love that my apartment gets so much sunshine. i've not taken full advantage of that aspect in terms of machine knitting and sewing. the room i chose for those crafts gets flooded with daylight all day. i love it. most of my apartment is blasted with sunlight on a sunny day. i don't have to turn on any lights during the daytime (unless, it's waaaaay after noon, and i'm in the kitchen pretending to cook). ummmm ...... no pretending here.

chicken chili. scrumptous. a friend made this years ago, and gave me a copy of his recipe. if anyone wishes, i will post it here. it was easy to make, it all fit in my 4 qt. pot, and i will likely bag up and freeze the rest tomorrow.
i've been on a bit of a cooking trip ... enjoying my time in the kitchen and reading about food. i was, thanks to mr. crumbles, able to add some books to the library recently. so, my bedtime reading has been divided between reading about food and reading about fictious lives .... i finished _memoirs of a geisha_ and started _blind assassin_. this is my attempt to begin reading again, without reading smut. all these books are on loan from ms. mouse.

this is the shit that drives me crazy! i have been sooooo in and out of here since/during the holidaze, that my apartment has fallen into the depths of HELL! all i need to add to the photo is some stunt cockroaches, as this place looks like a dump! the massive clothing explosion is thanks to me having a frantic run of dressy bessie before work yesterday. it gripes me more than too small underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blogger has wussed out on me, so i cannot leave you all with my parting shots. just think new years/spiders/and the hood.

Monday, January 02, 2006

blog about it !

this is the beauty of instant gratification! this is the scene outside my apt/house this evening. i propped the side window open to listen to the action. "i didn't do it! miss agnes! they took my $10 !" and then some of this, something about "car broken into, head bashed". hmmm .... after awhile, i spotted the man that i think lives under the house next door. we exchanged hello's and gossip, and then he disappeared over the fence at the back of the yard. i don't blame him, ... he did not need to get tangled with the 7 cop cars, ems, and fire truck. i do love my neighborHood. really, i do.

tonight's agenda? i was completing my new year's dinner. tonight, i went shopping at target, after yesterday's flop at the mall (maybe because crate & barrel was closed?), and found a great little pot. i needed something between my largest saute pan and my giant 8 qt. stock pot. in this, i cooked my collards. and, they were absolutely yummy! since i am a novice, there's still a big bunch of greens waiting in the fridge. but, that's okay --- collards are hardy, and they can wait a bit for me :)

my fish.
what can i say? the little guys/gals (?) sometimes, just linger there, watching me. and whenever i grab my camera, they swim away and hide! but, they're cute, and still nameless. i've never been very good at naming things/pets. i had a hamster named hammy, a calico kitty named patches, and my fish? big fish, little fish?

i'm glad the holidaze have passed, at least for the most part. i still light my decorations every night, ... and will until next week.

on the twelfth day of christmas, my true love gave to me, a little striped patagonia T

well, maybe not. i guess this is just me "testing" to see if he's found this blog and reads it .... are you there? is this what you meant by "i've read your links" ?

burning eyebrow

though, i know it sounds ridiculous, when i took my shower today, it felt like my eyebrow was on fire. that would be the eyebrow i rubbed yesterday when chopping up all the jalapenos for the cornbread. good thing i hadn't "touched" myself anywhere else! yes, i know the fish have nothing to do with my eyebrow, but which would you rather look at?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

let it be a better year

this is the closest thing i've seen to snow this season. these snowflakes are window thingies. you know, the clear thingies you can put on a window, and reposition, like colorforms.

new years day needs to be extended into tomorrow, as i did not accomplish all i had hoped to do. and i hope, that is not an indication of how the rest of my year is going to unfold. making a bloody mary is a cinch. but, i was a novice at cooking the blackeyed peas with the hambone, not to mention the bone was too big to fit in my little crockpot. the peas were delicious nonetheless. i failed to cook my collard greens (that's why i need an extention on the holiday), as my big pot was tied up with the peas.

i also made a big batch of jalapeno cornbread muffins. i diced about three jalapenos for the cornbread, without wearing gloves. i will never do that again. let's just say i rubbed my eyebrow earlier, and it still burns. also, my fingers burn when i wash my hands with hot water. it feels like taking a hot shower with a bad sunburn. tomorrow, i will complete my meal and cook the greens.

this was my view, yesterday or the day before, as i sat at my computer. the sky was just glowing, as the sun went down. then, i was reading something for a couple of minutes, and when i looked out the window again, the magic had passed.