Wednesday, December 14, 2005

my first batch of paperwhites has fully bloomed. i love their fragrance. my second batch is not nearly as tall as this group, and will likely bloom within the week. i think being near a cold window kept the second batch smaller.

i've been eating soups from the freezer a lot lately, but mostly the veggie & beef soup. i need to find some more soup recipes to try out. i like the convenience of having something already made, that's nutritional and delicious too. when i go home for christmas, i will be taking my 1/2 paper sack full of pecans with me, and some recipes i printed out for pecan pie. the trick is to not make one that is overly sweet.

not much else to report. it's super cold in here, though i'm sure my ceiling is toasty warm. my fishes are still in the dark because the marineland people don't know how to ship a light bulb (but, i talked with someone at petsmart and they said i could exchange my bulb!). ... so, stay tuned for fishy fotos ....

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