Monday, November 13, 2006

another wonderful sunday ....

that is how you (or jackie) makes the absolute best chicken & dumplings in the world!

this is the second time i've seen it made, ... the first time by jim (of jim&corbett) when i went up to new york for rhinebeck.

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we also had a little banana bread bake off. i lost. i soooo lost. for starters, i had not read my recipe correctly, and mixed all the dry ingredients first. i was suppose to cream the sugar with the butter. oops. so, i kinda creamed the butter with the mashed bananas. that wasn't such an issue though. then, just before i put it into the oven, i realized i had forgotten the sour cream! so i scraped the dough back in the mixing bowl and added the sour cream. then, as i learned after the fact, my loaf pan is the wrong size. it needs to be just a little bit bigger. oops.

so, guess which loaf is mine? ... i'll give you a hint ... it's probably the one that is super moist in the middle with the outsides well-baked! (yes, the little dark loaf in the left corner!)

see, it's totally beneficial to cook with someone else, or else i would never figure out how to make dumplings and that my banana bread can be better!

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jackie said...

mmmmmm...chicken and dumplings! guess what i am about to go eat for lunch? jealous?

i LOVE sundays!