Sunday, January 21, 2007

i do enjoy cooking, though i'm not particularly adventurous in the kitchen. i'm a cook that needs recipes, and only after i'm comfortable with that recipe, dare i deviate. so, this is my second batch of jackie's stir-fry. the first batch i made last week as written, and the second time i made it with chicken instead. i know, not much of a deviation, but it's just as yummy, and i had about 5 portions leftover which i've been having for lunches and dinners since cooking it thursday. oh, and it's totally phase 1 "safe".

but, i am now on phase 2 which means i can have red wine! i can also have oatmeal and some fruits, and other things i haven't even bothered with yet. the wine is limited to 1 glass a day. that's why i got a box. no way am i opening a bottle to let it deteriorate over the course of several days. a box will stay fresh for many weeks, as oxygen can't get to it.

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gray la gran said...

okay. i am a fool. a box means you have unlimited wine available! whatever !