Wednesday, May 02, 2007

it's getting to be that time of year, when the yellow haze has passed, and a new season has set in. spring was actually quite nice. it was a mix of warm and cold, rain and crisp clear days. and now ... i think the doldrums of summer are trying to inch their way in ....

one thing i do love about this time of year ... the extended daylight hours. i also love how things have shifted where the porch gets both morning and evening sunlight.

the porch is such an inviting place. it's nice to sit up on the second floor, perched over the activity below of pedestrians and vehicles.

and every now and then, i feel compelled to drag all my junk outside for some knitting.

(i tend to drag out a few friends with me ....)

and other necessary objects ....


jackie said...

i can vouch for this porch. i owuld have stayed there all day today if i could have. *sigh*

painter girl said...

I would love to be on your porch crocheting with my new books and all that thread I bought before Christmas and have yet to open. Save me a spot for sometime this month when you have time to have a visit!

Pretty yarn!

Nik said...

You know,
I love porches. I grew up in a house in Chicago that had a huge front porch. Everyone would come to our house to sit on the porch and chat, it was so inviting. I always said that when I finally buy myself a house, that it needs an inviting porch.

You need to invite some of your knitting friends over to knit on that porch.