Monday, November 12, 2007

shots, shopping, stuff ....

at the end of this month, i fly out to the domenican republic. i will be there for 10 days doing ______ (something). part of the plan is that i will leave clothes that i take with me there .... but, i like my clothes.

i went shopping at my favorite thrift store today. i fretted over my selections, and then was thrilled that it was all 1/2 off when i got the the cash register. hey, $5 for a shirt is pretty darn good, but $2.50 is better !

i came home and washed them all in the sink ... just incase i feel the need to wear some new duds this week.

and shots ... i've had so many shots in the last 2 months i feel like a giant walking bacteria! and i still have some more pills to pop ... including typhoid and whatever for malaria.

and stuart! what to do with stuart?! he might stay with his auntie-scarlet ... that's the plan right now ... but, i want to take him with me too!

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scarlet said...

He should definitely come visit auntie scarlet... she may have a friend for him to play with!!