Wednesday, July 02, 2008

bundt cake!!!

i made a mad dash to the mall today to pick up one of these ...

i have this strange fascination with bundt cakes. i don't even remember if i've had a bundt cake, ever. but, something about their history and style is so appealing to me. plus, their recipes can be either sweet or savory, and of course, i prefer the savory.

while i was trying to figure out which pan to purchase (and where i could get it locally w/o having to have it shipped), i ran across a link to martha stewart. there is/was a martha stewart episode where her guest is one of the co-founders of nordic ware, and this woman, Dorothy Dalquist, made this fabulous sweet potato bourbon bundt cake.

i'm going to make it. i got all the stuff today. but today, with it being so late, the best i can do tonight is to go ahead and cook the sweet potatoes, so they'll be ready to roll tomorrow.

and the next time i go to the mall, i'm picking up one of these too ... holy crap! SO CUTE !!!!

$34 to make bug cakes !!!! got. to. have. it.

details on buggy pan over here.

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Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

I am a HUGE bundt cake fiend!! I have...ohhhh....about 15 or more different bundt pans!!! There are some great recipes both from scratch and start with boxed mixes. Williams Sonoma has sold two different Bundt cake books that are both AWESOME!!

Congrats!!!!! Have fun!!