Saturday, January 17, 2009

i like pictures

this is stuart snuggling up in bed with lucy. no ! there is nothing dirty going on ! lucy was in stuart's christmas stocking. at first, he was like, "i dunno" ... but she kinda grew on him, and she's cute, and he loves her (as do i).

it's been COLD. my thermostat is 63* right now, but that's 63" above the floor (funny, huh?). let's just assume the floor is a minimum of 10* or more colder (hello old bldg, no insulation, plaster walls, high ceilings, drafty windows, hardwood floors). and the computer chair ... cold. thus, i am wearing my layers, and a hat.

i do plan on doing some *cooking* today. well, not exactly cooking ... more like assembling. i want to make some hummus. my favorite recipes come from 28cooks. she's a great lover of hummus, and i picked up a few ingredients today from the grocery to make at least two different batches. i'm really glad i have a food processor for the job.

i have also been thinking about an immersion blender. i'd like to get one, but i cannot decide on what features i want. hmmmm ... homework .....

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Fiber said...

So what kind of hummus are you making???