Friday, February 20, 2009

life, swedish style

yay! the new IKEA opened this week in charlotte, nc. i did not go to the grand opening. i don't know how busy it was, but the news showed people camping out for the opening giveaways and prizes. i'm not a fan of crowds, so i waited ....

mom and i went today. when we arrived, we went directly upstairs for breakfast. then, she spotted the kid section with toys and away she went.

because of this initial distraction, we ended up going through the showroom backwards. it became obvious after realizing everyone was coming towards us, and then ... there were those big arrows painted on the floor. oops.

we had fun, and i got a couple of things.

pretty glassware and tray

yay! glassware! ... i do not need anymore glasses. my cabinet is full. but, these were so pretty, and cheap. and about 3 minutes later, i found the matching tray (didn't know there was one 'til we stumbled upon it).

i also picked up this ice tray.

swedish fish

can you really pass up on swedish fish at ikea ?!

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Anonymous said...

Bet the ice from your swedish fish is purdy cute!