Saturday, March 14, 2009

ummm ... the kitchen smells so good!

it's one of those days when i could finally cook for myself ... without considering whether or not someone liked garlic or onions, spice or bland, etc ....

last night, i was reading through my cookbooks and picked a couple of recipes. one, for a cauliflower soup, will have to wait for tomorrow (i misread its cooktime). but the other, braised herbed turkey legs is in the crock right now!

braised turkey legs

there are 6 legs in the crock ... which spells leftovers. i am a huge fan of reheating vs. cooking.

when in the kitchen, i don't notice the aroma so much until i leave and return. and then, the smell knocks me down. sigh. so good!

dinner is at 7pm sharp. don't come knocking.

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