Saturday, June 12, 2010

the home edition

of course, i like the new stuff, but the time it takes to gather and possess, i'd rather be knitting!

i have been in search of some pretty sandals for the summer. i haven't been able to find any. and today, with coupons in hand, i went to the mall. in the mall, a giant idiot walked into me, and practically kicked off my toenail from my left foot.

OUCH! maybe that was the end of sandal shopping ?!

i came home with a very pretty pair of clogs instead ....

i don't get as much "home time" as i use to. and then, when i do have errands to run, i kinda resent them. such as shopping ....
before i got to the shoe section, i visited jewelry ....

and i got myself a new bug!

i love jewelry by FOSSIL.

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