Monday, July 05, 2010

cinco de julio

what a fabulous holiday !!! i went to visit leanne & will, ... just a quick overnight trip. i always have such a good time when i visit them.

highlights: got to spend time with amazing old friends, ate spectacularly, got pecked by a rooster, knitted endlessly on my sock, brought home farm fresh eggs, tomatos, and plums, watched cable tv, slept like a rock, and got a bunny (as seen with food).

desperate bunny

see the bunny ?!
dinner (before):


dinner (after):


old mamie loves her box:


and freida is stalking me (he's the one that pecked me)(ouch!)(drew blood):

watching through the window

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Anonymous said...

'Them there' is a big rooster that left the mark on your leg! Kitty kinda of looks like 'winky' but with 2 eyes. Sounds like a wonderful time!