Sunday, August 01, 2010

getting ready for the beach!

how does one get ready, other than making a list, checking it ... like, 5 times?! or more?

of course, i decided on "party favors". i mean, how much fun would it be to go to the beach (and rendezvous with family) and bring some homemade pillow cases?

the fabric stores here are lacking. i still say the best place in the world for variety and prices is Mary Jo's in gastonia, nc. but here, all i had was a joann's fabric store.

i wanted something beach-themed, but only found a cotton print with SHARKS.

so, everyone is getting a shark pillow case.

the pattern did not take into account a directional print, and i could not be bothered ... so the sharks swim up&down vs. side-to-side. big WHOOPS.

they were pretty quick to sew. and i will likely make more in the future. they're so fast, and way cheaper than store-bought. plus, you can use ANY fabric/print you choose!

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