Saturday, February 26, 2011


awesome day on the porch

last weekend was super warm. so warm, that i had to spend the afternoon on the porch. but, my ghetto porch furniture needed a "face lift". i had a home depot gift card, and used it to buy the two chair cushions (mid-back).

the cushions i bought, and the pillows ... not SO much. i do have the pillows, but i DID make some progress.

i bought some outdoor canvas fabric from the local (chain) fabric store. i wasn't sure how much i needed. so i "guess-sti-mated". i bought 1 1/4 yards of 54" width. from that , i got enough fabric to make 2 zippered covers for two 18" pillows. AND, i do have enough for at least 1 smaller pillow.



Sally said...

I like the pattern in your fabric for the pillows, but does it really "go with" the stripes? Am I being too picky? Probably, 'cause they aren't mine :-)

gray la gran said...

... well, it's a case of "goes ENOUGH". lol!

i actually carried the cushion in with me to the fabric store. i could not find a 'match' per see.

the reds were darker, or the colors off just enough.

so, when all else fails, *coordinate*!

and, i thought that basket print was too cute to pass up =)

you're not being too picky ... but, i needed something, and it was the best i could do with the fabrics availble (and w/o spending so much MORE money buying the coordinating pillows at the home store).