Sunday, March 06, 2011

new fish!

you SO pretty!

sadly, my last betta died 2 days ago. and, though i fear i'm not the best betta-mom, i do love having a betta in the house.

i was out & about today, doing some sunday chores (ie: grocery shopping to cook for the week). my one stop shopping was the local wally world. because this wally world is not 'old school', it does not have a 'full' pet section. but, it does have, on a shelf ... wee cups of poor betta fish.

and, i needed one .....

this time, i picked on different from my last ... and he's really pretty! i haven't seen one like this before ... light body and dark fins.

i'm going home in a couple of weeks ... i can get him a feeder and leave here, or he can travel home with me. i'm thinking 'feeder'. it's hard to travel with a fish, but it's actually much easier than a dog or cat.

the weather had been making me think of summer already.


... looks small enough to prop on the side of your cocktail, but ... it's wide enough (8') to prop up in the sand this summer!

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