Monday, April 25, 2011

still easter ....

for easter weekend, i did go home. i was able to swap shifts with someone on thursday, and leave work 3 hrs. earlier than i would normally. this made a HUGE difference in the weekend overall.

we kept things very simple for easter. we had a honey ham, and decided "no cooking". sandwiches it was! ham, yeast rolls, mixed fruit & yogurt, and some deviled eggs (okay, minimal cooking).

and for dessert?

easter cookies!

fancy cookies

i got this kit for the decorative tools from williams-sonoma. and, as of today, this kit is not on their website anymore! hello, it's only 'easter monday' ?!

the kit included a recipe for the cookie dough, 4 cookie cutters, 6 stamps, and 4 rollers.

i think everything is represented here, except for the easter basket cutter. (and the pan they're sitting in ... a wilton's heart shaped cookie pan ... NOT part of the williams-sonoma kit).

as i was following the recipe (so i thought), i realized my 'dough' was not dough, but instead was quite flakey. mom says, "did you use the egg?". and then she says (as i'm watching the food network in the kitchen) ... "you are NOT an iron chef!".

crappers! the egg was still sitting on the counter. WHOOPS!

otherwise, the kit & recipe are perfect!

the day before, we were doing some last minute shopping at the local small town walmart. i tell you what, i will never pass up on a walmart experience the day (or hours) before a holiday. the easter section was crazy-at-best.

it was destroyed! and crowded! and funny!

but, i did find this:

nordic ware !

i had not seen this pan at my local "big town" walmart. but, perhaps i missed it because it was in the easter section vs. the baking section. though, i've also learned, not all walmarts carry the same stock.

i am a sucker for nordic ware. i am especially enamored with their bundt style pans, and bakeware that makes cool shapes/things. and this one ... makes easter eggs! i cannot use it this year, as i was already doing the cookies, but you better believe there will be egg-cakes next year.

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