Sunday, October 30, 2011

the nc state fair

this is actually a "cross post" ... i prefer to keep certain aspects of my life separate (ie: knitting vs. everything else). i do this because i don't really enjoy looking at crafty/knitting blogs, and read about all the other stuff. of course, there are exceptions, but for the most part, there's knitting/crochet/quilting/crafts, and then, everything else. all that other stuff is simply "life".

as i've been extremely busy, and the month of november promises no relief, i'd better get talking about october!

the nc state fair has come & gone. and now, the news of the fair is tied to e coli.

so, the first saturday of the fair, stuart & i had a little adventure ...

saff2011 007

the city runs buses during the fair, for $4 round trip. i'd much rather take the bus, than to tangle with massive traffic.  we got up early, and walked about 10 minutes to the closest bus stop.

saff2011 008

stuart has ridden the bus many times, so he's a pro. he held onto our ticket.

saff2011 011

he even helped me keep track of my knitting chart for my poppy socks, as he clicked my kacha.

saff2011 012

when we go, we like to visit the exhibits. we're not there for the latest deep-fried heart attack food-thing. we don't do rides (he's too short!). but, we like to look at all the crafty things, and the village of yesteryear.

the first place we stopped was a tent of pottery and ceramics ... i dunno about you, but i really don't know what THIS was doing at the fair ...

saff2011 013

though, i'm sure, we all have one in our closet or our past (AND i'm sure there's one at my mom's in the basement!).

from there, the next exhibit i ran across was for Ford Motor Co.

saff2011 016

this is their Fiesta. like the decal says, it really does get 40mpg. and it's NOT a hybrid. i want one. badly. i got inside, front seat and back. i want one. really. i've been driving the same truck for 14 years.

next stop, the crafts! this next part is just the general crafty stuff. i'm posting the knitting/quilting stuff over here.

saff2011 017

EGGS! lol! these were just too cute!

saff2011 019

nothing says "state fair" like a scuba-egg  =)

and then, the legos ...

saff2011 020

saff2011 021

we walked around for a few hours, and before heading back to the bus zone, we stopped and shared a cup of ice cream.

saff2011 034

we had a fabulous time, the weather was perfect (both weekends!). maybe next year i'll make an effort to enter something (though, i can't compete with those blown eggs ;)

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I have a non-crafy blog, too, but I don't keep up with it. Check it out some time.