Wednesday, February 22, 2012

little tinman

i have a very good friend, from ... a million years ago. his father makes these tin men in his spare time.

i have a great appreciation for craft ... especially for things crafted in metal. on one of my visits, we'd had a conversation about his tin men. he said he really needed some sardine cans.

well, good thing i'm not a picky eater, as i sincerely like sardines! now, whenever i do have sardines, i save the can. and when i visit "home" i take the cans with me for my friend's father.

in return, he said he'd send me home with a tinman.

so, i brought this fellow home with me this past holiday weekend ...

tinman 043

tinman 028

tinman 034

squeeeee! i LOVE him!!! the sardine cans are used for the feet. when i bring the cans to his father, i make sure i have "pairs". lol!

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