Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the sun is setting

i feel like i need a replay on today ... not because i need to right a wrong. i just need to have more of the glorious daylight shining today, and the groove i'm in, getting things done. but, as i sit here, i can see the sun about 20 minutes away from hiding behind the neighbor's rooftop. the day is fading. too fast.
i love that my apartment gets so much sunshine. i've not taken full advantage of that aspect in terms of machine knitting and sewing. the room i chose for those crafts gets flooded with daylight all day. i love it. most of my apartment is blasted with sunlight on a sunny day. i don't have to turn on any lights during the daytime (unless, it's waaaaay after noon, and i'm in the kitchen pretending to cook). ummmm ...... no pretending here.

chicken chili. scrumptous. a friend made this years ago, and gave me a copy of his recipe. if anyone wishes, i will post it here. it was easy to make, it all fit in my 4 qt. pot, and i will likely bag up and freeze the rest tomorrow.
i've been on a bit of a cooking trip ... enjoying my time in the kitchen and reading about food. i was, thanks to mr. crumbles, able to add some books to the library recently. so, my bedtime reading has been divided between reading about food and reading about fictious lives .... i finished _memoirs of a geisha_ and started _blind assassin_. this is my attempt to begin reading again, without reading smut. all these books are on loan from ms. mouse.

this is the shit that drives me crazy! i have been sooooo in and out of here since/during the holidaze, that my apartment has fallen into the depths of HELL! all i need to add to the photo is some stunt cockroaches, as this place looks like a dump! the massive clothing explosion is thanks to me having a frantic run of dressy bessie before work yesterday. it gripes me more than too small underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blogger has wussed out on me, so i cannot leave you all with my parting shots. just think new years/spiders/and the hood.


pinky said...

HEY! What's wrong with smut? It has its place.

dk said...

Having giggles fit over combo of "dressy bessie" and "too small underwear" ;)