Sunday, January 01, 2006

let it be a better year

this is the closest thing i've seen to snow this season. these snowflakes are window thingies. you know, the clear thingies you can put on a window, and reposition, like colorforms.

new years day needs to be extended into tomorrow, as i did not accomplish all i had hoped to do. and i hope, that is not an indication of how the rest of my year is going to unfold. making a bloody mary is a cinch. but, i was a novice at cooking the blackeyed peas with the hambone, not to mention the bone was too big to fit in my little crockpot. the peas were delicious nonetheless. i failed to cook my collard greens (that's why i need an extention on the holiday), as my big pot was tied up with the peas.

i also made a big batch of jalapeno cornbread muffins. i diced about three jalapenos for the cornbread, without wearing gloves. i will never do that again. let's just say i rubbed my eyebrow earlier, and it still burns. also, my fingers burn when i wash my hands with hot water. it feels like taking a hot shower with a bad sunburn. tomorrow, i will complete my meal and cook the greens.

this was my view, yesterday or the day before, as i sat at my computer. the sky was just glowing, as the sun went down. then, i was reading something for a couple of minutes, and when i looked out the window again, the magic had passed.

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