Tuesday, March 14, 2006

it was such a nice day yesterday, though hot. i had doors and windows open, taking advantage of the breeze. i'm anxious for warmer weather just because i want to grow some herbs and tomatoes on my back porch. i went to the nursery today, but only got parsley. i was told that parsley is hardy, and can take freezing temps. as the season warms up, i will get basil, sage, cilantro, and ... anything else i like to cook with. yes, the little pot is teetering over the edge of the porch, but the pot is larger than the opening it's leaning against. no worries.
i baked some more jalapeno cornbread muffins too. i was careful this time with the jalapeno, and did not touch the insides of the jalapenos. the last time i was careless, and my hands were burning for hours, not to mention my brow i rubbed.

i cleaned the fishes yesterday too. i didn't realize how green things were in the aquarium until i began to scrubb their rock under the faucet. it went from green to brown/gray. whoops! so, all their furniture was scrubbed clean, including some of the gravel, and they got a fresh filter.

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