Tuesday, July 04, 2006

laundry day

yesterday was a day for getting things done. i was afraid that the laundromat would be closed today, and i really couldn't wait until sunday to get around to it. see my egg-yellow sock tumbling around the first washer?

the nice thing about the laundromat is that i can wash all my loads at once. though it's hot and crowded, i can usually be in and out of there in under 2 hours. sometimes i take a book with me, other times ... knitting. i started this shawl about a week ago, and took it with me to do laundry. any progress made on it is good progress. every other row i am increasing my stitches by 4. so, the larger the shawl gets, the more time it takes to complete a row. time is not really the issue though. knitting mistake free is more important.

i also made it to the fabric store, as i've been wanting to do some sewing ... some skirts, maybe a dress, and ovenmitts.

i also got some groceries and came home to make this bean salad. the recipe is from the whole food's website. their site had tons of free recipes. i hope it tastes better today than yesterday ... i cut the olive oil in 1/2, and probably should had cut the sugar in 1/2 too. hmmm .....

blackberry jam!

my downstair neighbor spent her day making jam! i heard a little knock at the door late in the afternoon, and she presented me with her first batch ever of blackberry jam. i think i'm going to have some of this with my breakfast this morning.

afternoon sunlight

that's my bed, all made up. i was good when i came home with the laundry and immediately dressed my bed, and put away all the clean things.

i still didn't get to everything on my list yesterday. which, is leaving me a bit stressed today.

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painter girl said...

I love your shawl. It is going to look fabulous with your hair and eyes!