Sunday, July 30, 2006

pesto magic

one thing i am very good at is wrecking a kitchen. see what i mean? there are certain fringe benefits of house sitting, two of which are ... a big kitchen with lots of counter space and gizmos, and a big fat basil bush in the back yard.

i think that combination spells pesto. and it's soooo yummy! of course, i added more garlic than the recipe calls for, so it has a delicious bite.

tomorrow, i think i'm going to make pizza with it. ideally, i would make my own crust. i've not done that (yet) ... but i know i can get a pizza skin from a local pizza maker here in town.

spaghetti  w/pesto and tomatoes breakfast of champs!


Chris said...

I'm sitting here starving, and seeing these pictures makes me want to come over for lunch. :)

Lolly said...

yum yum basil!! check out the great basil recipes in this month's real simple - I already made spinach/basil sautee, and the basil beer bread (and our basil bush still looks the same!)

And we have been freezing pesto too!