Monday, February 19, 2007

i know where the action is ....

i had the cooking bug the other night, and was craving brussel sprouts. i opted to not go to the whole foods because i knew they had brussel sprouts already in little mesh bags at the teeter. so, i went to the teeter, and the ones in mesh bags looked old. ick. so, i ended up with the giant stalk of brussel sprouts instead. let me tell you, there's no graceful way to walk around the grocery store carrying this monstrosity on a friday night. it's almost obscene. but, it's a good deal too! more brussel sprouts for less money! i also got a couple of small steaks to grill.

the brussel sprouts were roasted with garlic, a la 28 cooks.

this picture is from saturday night ... yep, action on south street ... not terribly uncommon. i was very surprised that there was only one police car. often, if there's one, more are sure to come.

after sitting on the curb for a good 45 minutes in the freezing cold, the officers let the three guys (not dressed for sitting on a curb in freezing temps) go.

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amanda cathleen said...

*L* that is one tall sprout! ; )