Friday, April 13, 2007

easter 2007

before another sunday comes to past, i need to catch up on last week's festivities. as usual, i spent another sunday at jackie and the hippie's. amy also joined us ... as crochet had been mentioned. we spent much time laughing on sunday, ... and spilling things. oops. (sorry about the tablecloth jackie!!!)(but i wasn't the only one!)

the main event of the day's menu was roasted leg of lamb !!! yum! see how pretty it is? and it was so delicious ... it was so tender and flavorful. jackie is an amazing cook.

and the spread ... whipped sweet potatoes, baked broccoli with parmesan, an au jus from the lamb drippings, yummy red wine, and laughter and friendship. and afterwards, a small serving of strawberry shortcake (and another spot on the tablecloth)(oops)(three out of four of us did that too!)(of course, not jackie).

and, what's easter w/o the easter bunny? well, the hippie had knitted stuart a little friend, which he's been working on, off & on, for several months ... i think her name shall be lulu.

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