Monday, April 02, 2007

things are changing ... that's the beauty of a season ... change is good. change is different. change brings new opportunities and hope.

one thing i love about this time of year is the extended daylight hours, minus the (yet) crippling heat of summer.

and my colors are off and over exaggerated ... but, the color (i think) expresses the feeling of the late afternoon sun, bouncing off a wall .... glowing . i love the glow.

i moved my bed from infront of the windows to across from the windows ... and it's (the bed) just beneath the sunspot in this shot. some people can stare endlessly at fish in an aquarium (and yes, i can do that too), a lava lamp, a campfire, the clouds drifting across the sky ... and i can stare endlessly at the sunlight dancing across a wall, lawn, lake .... it's like a campfire.

now, the pollen is another story.

what else? i got some new duds the other day ... with my rei membership and dividend, i got some soft and stretchy prana capri pants. i also splurged and got a skirt! i wore the pants today, with a top i knitted last spring.

it is spring here ... though it's starting to feel much more like summer.

... and the diet? well ... it's all good. though i'm feeling the need to revisit phase 1. and, lately, i've been craving steak. hmmm ....

good thing i've mastered my broiler and can cook these babies medium rare!

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