Sunday, June 17, 2007

homicide ?!

... yes ... that is the kind of notice i get stuffed into my door in my neighborhood. some people get food drive stuff, some get neighborhood gathering notices, i get notices of gang activity and homicides !

but ... i rest easily, because my neighborhood is between the mental hospital, downtown, and the state prison. so (this is logic speaking) ... if anything bad happens, won't the bad person want to get as far way from this triangle of law enforcement as soon as possible?!

inspite of the barking dogs, loud music, and killings, i've been doing some stuff around the house ....

... installing shelves ....

some have things on them. some do not ... but they will, ... eventually. the thing is, to access the shelves, i must use a 3-step ladder.

... and, see how the brackets are different?


kittiliciousdiablo said...

Yo,I bet you got the homicide notice in your door because that one informant/tip person called from the pay phone down the street :P

The shelves look great!

painter girl said...

love the shelves! you are he-woman master of all things creative and constructive!