Monday, August 06, 2007

i always have a really hard time trying to take fish pictures. it's kinda hard to get little nemo to hold still. yes! her name really is nemo ... 'cause her fin on the other side is orange, and her body is all white. it looks unbalanced, and cute.

i was away for a couple of weeks, but my dear friend rrrrrita kept my fishes alive for me! i hate coming home to a dead fish. my platty's are fine too, and they're even harder to capture with my camera because they spend a good amount of time hiding behind the plants, bubble wand, or rock. they're timid, except for at mealtime.

stuart is being a good pal and letting his little friend wear his sombrero (little does stuart realize that he looks like one of the village people !) .

that's my clover plant between them. it tried to die while i was away. i gave it a good soak when i returned, and it already has lots of new growth. i really need to put it in a bigger pot though.

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