Sunday, November 16, 2008

odd couple

these are two of my favorite plants. they get to share a shelf together. i just realized that they're both "holiday" plants ... a christmas cactus, and a shamrock.

i love the shamrock. i wish i had one of the purple varieties, but i wasn't willing to pay the price for one from a nursery, and got this one from a grocery store.

they'll come back, year after year, if planted in the yard. i don't have a yard, so mine kinda stumbles through the winter and early spring, in a pot, indoors. perhaps it needs a bigger pot. maybe some fertilizer? i don't know ... i water it when it looks limp. it rewards me with springing back life and putting out wee flowers.

my christmas cactus? i'm not sure how long i've had this one, but i'm sure it's overdue for a larger pot. it often looks sickly. i'm certain i don't take care of it properly. it's probably been near death more than once. but, i do know that if i leave it outside as long as i can into the season, that the cold weather will stimulate it to bud.

we had a cold snap not too long ago. it budded. and now, before thanksgiving, my christmas cactus is popping all over with blooms!

but, it's okay. it's doing what it's suppose to do. it just means if i want flowers around here during the holiday time, i'll probably have to put some paperwhite bulbs on rocks & water.

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