Friday, November 14, 2008

shopping experience

it seems that ravelry has more to offer than just knitting and crochet ....

Hmmm - it would be interesting if there were any way to track a different “voting with dollars” - stocking up for the future. For example, if sales at Sam’s Club and Costco increased dramatically before the end of the year due to people stocking up on food and other items.

I belong to a food co-op, and remember the large orders in preparation for Y2K. I just placed a smaller version of such an order (oatmeal, flour, sugar, some canned goods, etc). DH & I are calling it preparation for the Obamanation.

i found that quote after i came home (after shopping @ sam's club), and did a search on one of my favorite websites.

aside from the political statement, i finally realized tonight how cheap some stuff can be (per unit) when bought at sam's. the caveat is 1) do i have enough space to store it? 2) will it spoil before it can be used?

answers ... yes and yes, if i shop carefully. of course, it kinda sucks to carry all the heavy things in like a squirrel stocking up for the winter.

i'm never in a rush at sam's. that place amazes me. everything is B I G. the carts are big, the aisles are wide, the portions are huge. it's kinda crazy.

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