Wednesday, September 01, 2010

soup is good food

soup soup soup

last sunday, i had a really great time in the kitchen making this soup. i hadn't cooked "for the fun of it" in awhile. i wanted to try something new, and found a nice recipe from one of my crockpot books.

sweet potato

the recipe calls for dicing or mincing all ingredients. i cut up the sweet potato probably smaller than i really needed to, but i wanted to make sure it cooked all the way through during the crockpot time.


and of course, who would had known that chopped up sweet potato would need a bowl BIGGER than the actual sweet potato?!

garbage bowl

and, i got to use my garbage bowl. i really love this thing. i know i could use other bowls, but i like this one. it goes with all my other vintage kitchenware, and it's very useful and a time saver.

no pictures of finished soup, but after it was finished cooking, i pureed it with my stick blender.

can't wait to make soup

i swear, these things are the best things ever!

the soup was/is delicious! i would make it again. it's quite filling and full of good stuff =)

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