Saturday, September 18, 2010

planning ahead

once AE begins, and 'til late winter, i don't expect to have much free time. i'm trying to plan ahead, and get some things done while i DO have the time.

i made shark pillowcases for the kids (and mom) when we went to the beach this summer, and thought a different theme would be nice for the holiday season.

i stopped by mary jo's on the way home last time, and found a few fabrics for the pillowcases.


candy canes


i used the same pattern as before. it's quick to sew, though the pattern does not take into account directional fabrics/nap. i know there's lots of tutorials online for doing your own pillowcase, but i'd rather spend $2 on a pattern and NOT have to think too much about it.

i plan on giving these to the kids at thanksgiving, so they can be enjoyed through the holiday season.

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