Sunday, June 05, 2011

quiet sunday

... and getting things done.

i've cut my fabric for some pillowcases. i have picked these "beach" themed fabrics for this year's beach trip. last year, i sewed a batch of shark pillowcases.

and this time, was able to shop for my fabrics at mary jo's in gastonia, nc. mary jo's is the BEST fabric store ever!

let's get sewing!

though, i probably should be sewing today, i just don't feel like it. i already spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen cooking for the week, and now feel like knitting.


that is a TON of casserole, in a 9 x 13 dish. the base of it is essentially polenta. it's not a 'first day' meal. it will be better as leftovers. which is good, as there's a ton, and i don't plan on cooking again this week.

new 5k charm

it's a ww recipe, and promises to be quite filling!

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