Thursday, July 18, 2013


my team at work decided, "let's have a potluck!"

this always leaves me feeling challenged thinking, "what can i make that ... 1) i'd want to eat, 2) is healthy, 3) won't suffer from sitting at room temperature for who knows how many hours, 4) will THEY like it ?!"

i started to surf the net. i bookmarked a few recipes via pinterest.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

thus, i decided on this: Wild rice salad with edamame and cranberries ....

i found some of the ingredients at whole foods, and the rest at harris teeter. the wild rice, edamame, and walnuts were best purchased at whole foods. but their dried cranberries? ... i just didn't want to pay a king's ransom for them. and their dried cranberries were very "dried", as in practically dehydrated.

so, i finished my shopping elsewhere.

BeFunky Instant 1 on iPhone

see the really cool pyrex ?!

anyways ... so, i actually followed the recipe. i usually do that the first time around. i don't really want to change things until i know the original won't suit me.

and, i think it's good! the rice is a bit chewy, and i think that's how it's suppose to be. this was my first time cooking wild rice.

there's another kind of rice on special at the whole foods now --- it's black. not sure what it's called, but i might have to pick some up this weekend, because it just looks really cool.

so, tomorrow, i will sport this dish, for our potluck, and hope it's good enough for a meat-eating sugar-crazed crowed. i think it will. it seems that lots of the women on my team are more interested in healthy eating as well.

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