Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the 4th is ... over ... sorta

i had a FABULOUS 4th of july!

this will be a quick post, because i want to work on a new project before bedtime ...

but, i cleaned house, i made lanterns, and i had a couple of old friends over.

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i had made these tin can lanterns during the week. each evening, i was able to accomplish at least one step ... whether freezing cans, or punching them out.

i made a total of 5 lanterns. they are actually pretty in their "natural" state, but i did spray paint them to be festive for the holiday ....

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i had splurged and purchased a can of glossy red spray paint.

and the funny thing was ... when it got dark enough to light the lanterns, it was time for fireworks . meaning, they were not even used that night!

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here's me (taking photo) hanging out on the porch with schmutzie & corbett.

i was knitting on my sweater (which, i am wearing now), and we were laughing, listening to music, and drinking white wine.

.... and then, it was darkish ... and the fireworks started!

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i know ... that's not a "this" ...

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but, it's all i have time for right now ... i must say, it's really nice to just walk out into your front yard and take a look over to the east and see fireworks!

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