Sunday, October 23, 2005

just another day ...

i was inspired to take some home photos, as i've been in my place now more than a month, and though i'm not entirely settled, it's feeling more like a home. first, let's take a peek inside ...

window peeping

this view is from my porch. i'm up on the second floor, so the upstairs porch is private, shared by my upstairs neighbor only. i never see her out there, but her side is leaf clean, and i noticed a new plant out there.


i took the (previous)photo from the closest window. see the icky furniture? it's not mine. i don't know who's it is, but it was here when i moved in. though not my style, i'm still glad it's here, because it's such a nice porch to sit out on when the weather is nice.

my place (feels like it) is still in shambles ... boxes galore! it's functional, and that's why the excess boxes are still here. but, it's getting old to navigate through here like an obstacle course. hence, the pictures don't show you the big picture.


no pretty bedskirt or drapes. i have a ton of allergies, so i'm trying really hard to eliminate things that collect dust, which includes the dust ruffle, curtains, rugs, clutter, etc .... instead, i'm sporting a lovely plastic boxspring cover! very institutionally fashionable! and, because i have a cold right now, you can barely see the vintage r2-d2 vaporizor on the bedside table. i used this kind of vaporizor as a child, so naturally wanted one as an adult. (thank goodness for ebay!)(and mom!)

this is a burning question that really has nothing to do with anything else here, but why don't they print the "nutritional" information on liquor bottles? is the answer in the question? i was just wondering ....

home, bombay

and lastly, how can i not leave you with a photo of my current loves ....

fish love

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Ohmygawd. Bombay Sapphire. I think I'm in cyber love with you.